How to Acquire Knowledge in the Digital Age

How to Acquire Knowledge in the Digital Age

Knowledge is power . Everyone knows that, right? We live in a society that understands that learning is an essential part of growth and development. Education has been made more accessible and affordable over the years and we are all better for it . It seems however , that there are millions of unemployed graduates . So what then is the importance of education? How has acquiring knowledge and skills changed over time? How do you acquire this knowledge in the fast paced digital world we live in today?

Education is one of those things that can’t be taken away from you .You can’t unknow what you know. That which you have learned can’t be stolen from you. African parents are known to reiterate this severally when you’re growing up. For many communities that live hand to mouth across the globe, education or sports or some kind of talent are seen as the ways to make it out. To make it big in the world. Today, the acquisition of knowledge and skills has become much easier. Granted, this is said from a position of privilege of access to the internet . We will tackle ways in which you can acquire knowledge in the digital era.

The traditional way of going about education has been each one, teach one , see one, do one. This concept is especially true in the medical industry. Teachers teach what they know and specialize in . Exemplary craftspeople take on apprentices who learn from them over time. With the pandemic we learned that we can actually achieve distance learning. Further , there was an increase in the number of online courses taken during the pandemic. This made teachers and learners across the globe that much closer and redefined the way that we learn.

In a fast paced world, there really is no time to waste . Podcasts have been a revolutionary tool in acquiring knowledge and skills. There are podcasts on just about everything today. Some even specialize in interviewing your favorite gurus and industry leaders to find out their secrets to success. If you’re not already, find a podcast on a subject you like and give it a try. The podcast world is an oasis of information. It is one of our favorite mediums as it saves time.

The school of YouTube has been changing the game for years now. Your favorite thought leaders and entrepreneurs are providing free content through their YouTube channels. The videos vary in length, and the video aspect allows a more personal connection than podcasts. Let’s be honest, we have all watched a simplified version of a concept we learned in class on YouTube or right before a test. For more practical areas such as painting, plumbing or even braiding hair, this has been a true gem . The best part is that most of these skills can be leveraged over time.

Social media is the dot com of our generation. It is hot , and it moves fast. From Instagram lives and carousel posts, to Twitter threads to Facebook groups , and TikTok videos , there is so much to be learned. Granted, most of these sites were created for connection and entertainment and that holds true. Consumers now however demand ‘edutainment’. This is a way of creating content that edifies and adds value, while presenting it in a fun way. Much like YouTube, your favorite creators really do take the time to create valuable content. Haven’t we all learned something from a TikTok dentist, or financial consultant on Instagram? This is the way acquisition of knowledge is changing.

Blogs and E-books have been around for a while now and they offer an amazing way to learn . They offer bite-sized information that can be consumed on the go . Furthermore, the read aloud feature on most devices allows greater access to even visually challenged persons. The great thing about blogs is that they are often niche based. You can learn about a subject over time by following a particular blog. The sense of community from such a platform is just an added bonus.

Finally, there are multiple platforms that offer educational content . Some of these are free while some are paid courses. The beauty of such platforms is that they allow self-paced learning. You can take the classes, and exams when you want, and at the pace that suits your lifestyle. This removes the burden of time clashes that traditional education comes with . We especially like that you can read reviews on the courses, and the instructors before you commit to taking the course.

We hope that you have learned different ways you can acquire skills and knowledge . Check out our recommendations, and let us know what you like. Let us know what you think we should check out as well. We are just buzzing with excitement to learn, grow and be inspired with you .

Written by Grace Kinyua,

Rwazi Team

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