Rwazi Mappers' Empowerment Extravaganza of 2023: Mapping, Gig Opportunities, and Festive Fun!

Rwazi Mappers' Empowerment Extravaganza of 2023: Mapping, Gig Opportunities, and Festive Fun!

As we bid farewell to the spectacular year of 2023, the Rwazi Team is thrilled to share the incredible journey we've had, all about empowering individuals across Africa through the magic of mapping and gig opportunities.

Mapping Adventures Across Africa and Asia

In 2023, our team went on a wild mapping ride across 18 countries in Africa and Asia. We turned mapping into gig opportunities, letting thousands of awesome individuals (aka mappers) earn some cash while making a positive impact on local economies. From Benin to South Africa, we spread the gig vibes and had a blast!

Top Countries for Mapping Awesomeness

Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and Tanzania emerged as leaders in the mapping movement, painting the continent green with their mapping zeal. These countries rocked the scene, demonstrating an impressive level of community engagement and impactful results. Their mapping efforts not only captured valuable spatial data but also empowered local residents and made a tangible difference in their communities.

Fun Facts about Our Mapper Squad

Our mapper community buzzes with diverse ambitions! As diverse as a good mixtape! The mappers come in all shapes and sizes. Half are university students charting their future paths, while 45% are savvy graduates eager to monetize their spare time. Even seasoned professionals, the 5% 9-to-5 rockstars, join the mapping adventure for some extra kicks and cash. Each mapper adds a unique tile to our mosaic, driven by different aspirations but united by a shared passion for making a difference.

A Look Back at the Wild Ride of 2023

Our mapping community had a blast in 2023! From epic meetups to mind-blowing festivals, it was a year of fun, learning, and connecting. One highlight? The Mappers Meetup in Ghana, with over 200 awesome attendees, proved that mapping can be a party too!

Rwazi Fest Kenya: September Shindig

Kenya's mapping scene went supernova with Rwazi Fest, unleashing 400+ mapping rockstars!

The Kenyan superstars connected, collaborated, and celebrated. Alamini from Kenya said, "Rwazi Fest changed the game for me! I've never felt more connected. Thanks for this amazing ride!" The party was on, and the mappers were the stars.

Mappers Meet Up South Africa: November Connection

Forget the November blues! South Africa's mapping scene exploded with 150+ mappers uniting to bond, brainstorm, and level up their map-fu. The mappers joined forces sharing knowledge, igniting inspiration, and supercharging their skills. It was a map-a-thon family reunion on steroids, minus the awkward silences, and with more mapper magic. We wouldn’t have had it any other way!

Building Bridges: Testimonials Speak Louder Than Words

Our community members had a lot to say! "The Mappers Meet Up was fantastic!" said Marita from South Africa. These testimonials shout, "We're a community that sticks together, maps together, and celebrates together!"

Rwazi Fest Nigeria: November Extravaganza

Nigeria wasn't excluded from the fun – the Rwazi Fest was a massive hit with over 700 attendees! Michelle summed it up: "Amazing experience, met great people, and had a blast." Nigeria knows how to party, and the mappers proved it!

Looking Ahead to 2024: More Maps, More Fun

As we wrap up this crazy ride of 2023, we're pumped for 2024! Our goal? More maps, more gigs, and even more fun. Big thanks to our Rwazi Mappers Community – you rock!

A Heartfelt Thank You!

To our partners and collaborators, 

ALX, Roothub , YellowCard ,YALI, Shuttlers , AfricaTech Radio, Boomplay, UberKenya, Waape, Infinixclub

all the awesome people who made 2023 unforgettable – thank you! You're the stars that light up our mapping universe. Happy holidays, and here's to another year of making maps and memories!

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